Stick Extra Revenue and Viewability Where You Need It Most

The Sticky Video ad unit aka “the toaster” is a great little player that packs a big revenue punch. This player can stick to any corner of your site and will only appear when there are video ads to show. You may place a close button on the player to appear after six seconds giving your users the option to remove the ad unit. Audio starts on mouse rollover. Bring additional revenue to your certain pages or sections of your site with this Thrive+OUT player, the Sticky.

The Sticky Player


Quick Stats:

  • Payouts: $2 – $12 cpm
  • User Experience Rating: A+
  • Advertiser Brand Experience Rating: A+
  • Video Ad start options: auto start upon ad revenue availability


  • Size options: 400×300 or custom
  • Environment: Desktop, Mobile Web, In App


Our Thrive+OUT Sticky Player is set up by the publisher to load in a corner of the page. The most popular option is the lower right side. Similar to Thrive’s InRead ad unit, Thrives Sticky ad unit will only appear when there are ads to show. This player sticks revenue in the form of branded video commercials from 6-15 seconds in length to the corner of your page. When the ads are finished the unit will disappear until the next video ad is ready to roll. This player comes with a “close” feature that allows the user to close the player after 6 seconds of viewability.