Insert Revenue to your pages + Content to engage your users

If you love the efficiency of the Thrive InRead ad unit, but want to add in the engagement that video content brings to your webpages, the InRead+Content is the way to go!

Thrive’s InRead+Content holds the attention of the user by presenting them with exciting video content after an ad is presented. Midroll ad revenue is also earned due to the prolonged engagement this ad unit creates. The Video ad unit is embedded into the middle of editorial articles for optimal user experience.The video plays when visible on user’s screen, as the user scrolls past the player and continues to consume the page content, the video player floats to the top right side of the page. Audio starts on mouse rollover. Bring additional revenue + beautiful content to your content pages, with our most popular Thrive+OUT player, the InRead+Content.

In Read Player with Content


Quick Stats:

  • Payouts: $2 – $12 cpm
  • User Experience Rating: A++
  • Advertiser Brand Experience Rating: A++
  • Video Ad start options: auto start upon ad revenue availability


  • Size options: 640×360,540×360 or custom
  • Environment: Desktop, Mobile Web, In App
  • Content Options: News, Sports, Entertainment or Custom


Our Thrive+OUT InRead Player is set up by the publisher to sit silently and invisible in between paragraphs. Similar to a Tead’s video player, Thrive’s InRead ad unit will inject revenue and branded video commercials from 6-15 seconds in length. When the ads are finished the unit will present real time up to date video content from one of our many verticals. The ad unit will remain open and the content will continue to show on the page. This feature is the preferred practice AMP. The player remains open, keeping the page layout consistent and creates a more seamless user experience. Thrive’s most popular content verticals include: Sports, News, and Entertainment. This player comes with a “floating” feature that allows the advertising brand to stay in view at all times. The gentle float of the Thrive player to the upper right hand corner keeps both the advertiser and user experience at a premium. Publishers, Advertisers and Users all love this video ad unit.